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Covid's attack on minds & the people's stupid solace.

Disclaimer : I may be wrong !!

For the first time since this pandemic, I have encountered clients withdrawing investments for medical emergencies, before this, they used to do this scared by drawdowns.

Here, some of the nearest crematories has got a queue of dead bodies. In the south, there were 3 death’s in our relative’s family within 4 days due to Covid19.

I don’t see any upside to our stock markets either, up until the actual situation all over the country improves.

Now as you might have heard people say – “This is not the time to talk or spread negativity or negative news, just talk or think positive & everything will be fine”. I think this strategy would be better for small children & not for the so-called grown-ups.

Is solace actually helpful in the longer term?

I don’t understand why everyone is going about saying – stay positive, stop thinking negative & start thinking positive? For me, it is like a advice that literally means – “Don’t be scared, you are scared because your eyes are open. So you close your eyes & everything will be fine”. As one of the famous Indian statement goes – “A cat closes its eyes & assumes that the world has shut down”

I think, its time that we start seeing things just the way it is. Look at the reality of life, see how fragile it is, realize that you are a temporary manifestation & not a permanent individual. Realize that you are not an individual in your essence, eventually within a few years by covid or cold, disease or old-age, by fear or greed, by sorrow or happiness - you will be the part of top-soil, as your ancestors are.
Understand this & conduct your life accordingly !!

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