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About us

YUBHA is led by a team of CMT charter holders who are on a mission to teach, support & create an experience worth cherishing for every CMT candidate. We aim to deliver the value of CMT designation to every aspiring technical analyst and trader, making it worthwhile for them by sharing the proper perspective.


Here to nurture potentially world-class technical analysts, traders, portfolio & risk managers. Along with the latest pedagogy, we have expert faculty having cleared CMT level 3 along with charter holders. Conducting live-interactive classes, where we create immersive learning environments to accomplish a deeper understanding in a candidate's learning curve.

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As CMT’s Recognised Participating Prep Provider, we have committed to minimum standards of quality and service that we believe will assist CMT Candidates in the successful completion of the CMT Program (Source: CMT website)

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Rahul D Mudliar, CMT, founded YUBHA, with a vision of providing immersive learning experiences to CMT candidates & aspiring technical traders


Rahul is a Chartered Market Technician from CMT Association, NY, USA.

He is passionate about technical analysis, charting, systematic trading & providing education in these areas. An experienced & profitable trader, having traded derivatives, especially index futures, firmly believes minimalism as quality is highly underrated in the trading community.


Having experienced his own struggles & hindrances in his journey of becoming a CMT, he aspires to help the CMT candidates thrive in their journey. He envisions creating an environment of learning & support, making sure every candidate clears the exams while creating a network & experience to cherish.

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